Choose a healthcare technology that is used to complete a nursing  task or function. This may be a stand-alone technology

1) Technology Overview (30 points).

  • Choose a healthcare technology that is used to complete a nursing  task or function. This may be a stand-alone technology, such as a vital  signs monitor, a nursing task or function that is completed within the  EHR, or any other software or technology tool used in nursing practice.  Be sure to choose a technology with which a nurse interacts that can be  analyzed using the 10  Usability Heuristics for Interface Design (see Step 4).
  • Describe the technology, including its history and evolution and how it is used in nursing care.
  • Describe how the technology improved or enhanced patient care, safety and/or outcomes.

2) Workflow Analysis (30 points). Analyze the clinical workflow surrounding the use of the technology.

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  • Create a current state process map illustrating each step of a nurse’s workflow using the technology. Describe the current workflow.
  • Discuss how the technology enhances and/or hinders the clinical  workflow. How might the technology or workflow be adjusted to increase  efficiency or better support patient care? If appropriate, you may  create a future state process map illustrating the improved workflow.

3) Human-Technology Interface (30 points). Analyze the human-technology interface.

  • Find or take a picture of the technology including all screens or  parts with which a nurse interacts. (Note: If it is not possible to find  or take a screen capture from the EHR, you may mock-up the screen(s)  using Word or PowerPoint drawing tools).
  • Describe how the nurse interacts with the technology or computer screen(s) step-by-step.
  • Evaluate the human-technology interface using the 10  Usability Heuristics for Interface Design What could be improved? Why? Be sure to address each factor.

4) Summary (10 points).

  • Summarize your findings.
  • Present recommended changes to the technology and/or workflow as appropriate.

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