For this assignment, you are required to choose between producing a PowerPoint or video presentation or writing a research paper examining and applying the comparative process described in the Dickovick and Easton textbooks and evaluating that process in light of the readings in the Martin textbook.

Specifically, assume for purposes of this assignment that you are preparing to begin a project in which you will test the following theory: That individual liberty is likely to lead to increased wealth in a body politic. Please draft a 5–7-page research paper or creation a presentation that explains in detail the process one might employ in evaluating this theory and how prevailing worldviews and the Judeo-Christian worldview in particular may impact the presumptions employed in testing this theory.

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1.Dickovick, Tyler J. and Eastwood, Jonathan. Comparative Politics: Integrating Theories, Methods, and Cases. 3rd. Ed., Oxford University Press, 2019. ISBN: 9780190854867.

2.Dickovick, Tyler J. and Eastwood, Jonathan. Comparative Politics: Classic and Contemporary Readings 1st Ed., Oxford University Press, 2017. ISBN: 9780199730957.

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