data elements

List three data elements (or items of information) that the rehab facility would need to receive with a patient referral [Review what others have posted and try to come up with some different data elements]
Patient Demographics such as Name, DOB, SSN, and billing information (Insurance company)
The previous patient encounters the issue or anything that may have lead to the patient complaint? Have recent labs occurred what are the results? and has any imaging occurred -what are the results?
Reason for a referral to the rehab facility. Primary diagnosis, how long has the issue affected the patient? Has the physician given treatments previously?
List one unique (not previously listed by another respondent) data element that the rehab facility would need to provide to an external organization, and identify what type of organization that is and the purpose of the data sharing.
Another element that the rehab facility would need to provide to an external organization is the treatment progress, informing how much progress the patient has made when ending treatment and the recommendations when closing the patient.
Choose one aspect of interoperability that you found in your research and explain what an EHR system for the rehab facility would need to be able to do to exchange information with other organizations.
When using interoperability appropriately between organizations would be the ability to share information securely, quickly, and ultimately HIPAA compliant. Applying an EHR system would automatically send patient results between two separate entities under the legal regulations which are needed, as well as helping patients understand where they are at with rehab care.
Ozair, F. F., Jamshed, N., Sharma, A., & Aggarwal, P. (2015). Ethical issues in electronic health records: A general overview. Perspectives in clinical research, 6(2), 73–76.

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