The Impact of IT on the Concern of Privacy in the Innovation of HealthCare Delivery System A great deal of innovations has taken place in the healthcare industry.

The Impact of IT on the Concern of Privacy in the Innovation of HealthCare Delivery System
A great deal of innovations has taken place in the healthcare industry.

Some of these innovations such as the healthcare management systems aim at improving the life expectancy, quality of healthcare, medical assessments and treatment. The use of technological infrastructure has played a recommendable role has played to the innovation of healthcare systems. However, the innovative concept cannot be achieved without employing accuracy with every step of the innovation process. This paper looks into the accuracy concerning the innovation of healthcare systems and how it impacts the entire healthcare industry. Considering services such as emergency room support of patients in critical conditions, the paper will find out how innovative systems can help them to make an appropriate decision on how to stabilize the patients’ condition. The use of innovation also clarifies how Privacy promotes evidence-based medicine, Improves the speed of data analysis, facilitates Political and Eaconomic Environment and Making quality care affordable among others. Consequently, the paper seeks to ascertain how technological innovation of healthcare management systems accelerates development at different levels of management.


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The rising cost of healthcare and medication has called for innovation in healthcare as a quest to balance the escalating cost and healthcare quality. Innovation thus has become a vital element not only in medical and healthcare, but also to other business productivity for competitive advantage. A technological innovation that is currently available in a more dynamic business environment is necessary for product innovation most, especially for new healthcare delivery systems. However, it is vital to note that every new healthcare delivery system must be properly secured to ensure that the highest status of privacy is up to date. Besides, innovation of new healthcare systems and technological devices enhances internal healthcare delivery services. The implementation of such systems must be based on serious security to the access so as to ensure the provision of quality healthcare services is not compromised. This paper is meant to ascertain how privacy as a prerequisite to technological innovations of healthcare systems improves the delivery of healthcare services.


Innovation is considered as an intended introduction of a new equipment or technology within a particular team, a cluster of an organization or a group of persons. The new product or service is relevant to benefit people on a wider scale. However, to healthcare delivery systems, innovation is perceived as an emergence of a new technological concept, initiative, and application process. While to others, it is considered as a product aimed at providing quality long-term goals to the healthcare industry at an affordable cost. Therefore, privacy in the innovation of the healthcare delivery system is of a substantial impact on the society in some ways. There is evidence that explains the existence of privacy concerning innovations of healthcare systems. For successful implementation of privacies, then they offer total protection to data and maintenance of information regarding healthcare systems. While the dissemination of information has been already a challenge in the healthcare sector, protection of data regarding healthcare management systems is, therefore, an uphill task. For instance, the International Medical Association (IMA) developed the prototype of the various systems to illustrate how taking care of privacy concerning innovations of healthcare systems is very important.

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