transcultural nursing

Transcultural Assessment Guide and Questions Template
This is a template to record your information for this assignment. Do not rely only on this template to determine everything you must include! Please read Milestone 2: Transcultural Assessment Guide and Questions guidelines, grading criteria, and grading rubric on the assignment page in order to learn details of what to include on this template.
Review NR394_Differences Between Closed and Open-Ended Questions prior to completing this template. The link to this file is located in the Guidelines for this assignment. Go to Modules, Introduction & Resources then Course Project Overview for best practices. Refer to Appendix A in your text and select five categories upon which you will concentrate your assessment guide and questions.

Type your answers to the following questions using complete sentences and correct grammar, spelling, and syntax. Note this template is expandable. You may need more pages to include the information that is requested in the guidelines for this assignment.

Once you have filled in the template, click Save As and save the assignment name and your last name. For example, “NR394_Milestone2_Template_Smith”. Submit to the Milestone 2 assignment page by 11:59 p.m. MT Sunday at the end of Week 4.

Note: This template is expandable to accommodate your typing.

Title: Milestone 2

Your Name: __________________________Individual’s Initials______________

Individual’s Culture of Origin_________________Age_____________Career/Profession_________________

1. State the proposed date of the assessment which should not occur until after Friday of Week 5. Describe the location of the assessment and how privacy/confidentiality will be maintained. Be specific. (20 points)

2. Describe the process you will use for documenting your assessment and what steps you will take to ensure its accuracy. For example, do you plan to take notes and then ask the subject for verification, or do you plan to record the assessment in audio or video and then transcribe it? Be specific.(14 points)

3. Identify five (5) categories from Appendix A in your text from which you would like to develop primary (and follow-up) questions for your assessment. The categories from which you may choose include:

· Biocultural Variations and Cultural Aspects of the Incidence of Disease

· Communication

· Cultural Affiliations

· Cultural Sanctions & Restrictions

· Developmental Considerations

· Economics

· Educational Background

· Health-Related beliefs and Practices

· Kinship and Social Networks

· Nutrition

· Religion and Spirituality

· Values Orientation

Type the names of the five categories you have chosen in the table below in the column marked “Categories.”

4. Develop one open-ended primary question for each of the five categories. Please note that the questions should be in your own words and designed to elicit meaningful responses. Use the table to type each question next to its corresponding category. (60 points)

5. Develop two open-ended follow-up questions for each primary question. Type these next to the corresponding primary questions. Formulate questions that your individual will understand. Avoid “medical/nursing jargon.”(40 points)

6. Indicate reasons for asking specific questions that relate to culture of origin and healthcare experiences. (50 points)

Categories Primary Question Related to Category Follow-up Questions for each primary question Indicate reasons for asking questions that are related to culture of origin and healthcare experiences in local community. In other words, why are you asking the questions? How will knowing the answers inform your care of future patients for whom you may provide care?
Name Category X:
Educational Background
Open question : Tell me how your education in Cuba prepared you for your move to the US.
Closed question: Did you finish high school?
Note: Only list Open Questions below. The Closed Question above is for example purposes only.
1. Open question : Share with me how you learned English as a second language.
2. Closed question : Do you speak a foreign language?
Knowing the individual’s educational background will assist me with determining his ability to read and write. This will be helpful for my patient teaching.
Value placed on education is important to know as it may indicate potential compliance with a plan of care and acceptance of responsibility for one’s health.
1. Open question : Help me understand the differences between public and private education in Cuba.
2. Closed question : Is college paid for by the government?
Note: Only list Open Questions below. The Closed Question above is for example purposes only.
Name Category 1
Name Category 2
Name Category 3
Name Category 4
Name Category 5

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NR394 Milestone 2 Template 8-29-18 LMD 1

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